The history of the brand

A different soap

It may sound crazy, but I have never found the kind of soap I want for my shower. I have been longing for new scents (something more than the simple mix of two essential oils), for pastel colours and for a more spherical look.

Santine was born from and aims to meet these needs:

-with its oval shape giving it a gracious outline and ensuring a good grip

-with its different colours, obtained with clays  giving  soothing and harmonious tones

-through the use of natural fragrances conjuring varied and enchanting scents.

The alliance of natural fragrances and noble oils

With Santine, I offer you a whole range of soaps that are remarkably gentle and moisturising (8% superfatted) to use in your shower or bath (hands, face and body). They are suitable for all kinds of skin and usable from the age of three.

I produce them in Indre et Loire, using a cold saponification method with high quality, palm oil free ingredients from Organic Agriculture.

Each soap is a subtle mix of refined oils (argan, avocado, jojoba …) and natural perfumes, and will respect both your skin and the environment.

Santine : a feminine name for a feminine flower

The peony naturally became a symbol for the brand :

-To me, this flower is a gentle childhood memory, in which an alley lined with peonies lead to the swing in my mother's garden.

-Its nice corolla and its delicious fragrance are –to me- a symbol of feminity.


As for the name, it represents at the same time a small boat which used to sail along the Loire river and a seldom born feminine name.


These two references give Santine soaps their originality, their audacity and their authenticity.

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